The Joint Kenya-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • About the Chamber

    Relations and contacts between Kenya and the Arab world go back many centuries. From time immemorial, trade and commerce have flourished between them. This has resulted in the cementing of the unique ties and bonds between the two peoples in the political, social and cultural fields.

    There is therefore nothing more normal and natural than the formation of the Joint Kenya – Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The body was formally registered in Kenya on 5th June 1990 after long negotiations between the two sides.

    The Kenya side was represented by the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who’s Chairman, Mr. Francis N. Macharia, played a leading role. The Arab side was represented by the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Arab Countries. The moving spirit on the Arab side was Mr. Khamis Al – Hashar, Secretary of the Oman Chamber of Commerce, who has worked tirelessly with vision and determination in seeing this project become a reality. But above all, nothing could have been done without the blessings and support of the Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation. The realization of the project is in fact a living testimony to a Harambee in practice, with many personalities acting together for the common good.



    Vision & Mission

    Purpose of the Joint Chamber

    a)  In general terms, the purpose and main object of the Chamber is to promote commercial, industrial, tourist and financial relations between Kenya and Arab countries. In particular, the Joint Chamber will seek to:

    b)  Promote and protect trade, commerce, tourism, shipping and manufacture.

    c)  Hold meetings, conferences and undertake such other activities with the object of diffusing the potentialities and characteristics of both Arab and Kenyan industrial, agricultural, shipping and manufactures.

    d)  Collect and circulate statistics and other information relating to such trade, commerce, tourism, shipping and manufactures.

    e)  In agreement with the authorities concerned in Arab countries and Kenya, establish an economic, commercial, and tourist service, publish a periodical magazine, and distribute a Kenya – Arab annual book and establish, eventually, an Agency or an office or appoint a Representative from among individual or corporate persons to be situated in any city in Kenya or in any of the Arab countries.

    f)    Raise with competent authorities and Arab diplomatic missions the problems affecting the development of trade relations and indicate the measures which the Chamber deems appropriate to solve these problems.

    g)  Act as arbitrator in the settlement of disputes arising out of commercial transactions between persons or firms engaged in commerce between Kenya and Arab countries.

    h)  Purchase, sell, let mortgage or acquire real property as may be deemed necessary for the purpose of the Chamber.

    i)     Endorse Certificates of Origin of goods exported to Arab countries, prior to the Certificates being legalized by Arab diplomatic missions, and issue all other certificates and testimonials concerned with commercial and industrial relations between Kenya and Arab countries.

    j)     Publish, periodicals, books etc. as may seem conducive to any of the objects of the Chamber.

    k)   Since its founding, the supervision of recruitment of personnel for work in Arab countries has become a prime occupation of the Joint Chamber.


    Activities & Services

    Members of the Joint Chamber will be entitled to various types of services that are provided by the Joint Chamber. They will:

    • Be entitled to business information.
    • Have ready access to business delegations from the Arab world.
    • Routinely receive all publications that will be issued by the Joint Chamber.
    • Be entitled to participate in seminars, meetings, workshops, exhibitions etc. that would be held from time to time.
    • Be entitled to receive the assistance of the Joint Chamber in getting business visas to visit Arab countries.
    • Be entitled to assistance of the Joint Chamber in case of business disputes with counterparts in the Arab world.
    • Be entitled to speedy endorsement of Certificates of Origin of goods by the Joint Chamber.