• International Relations & Joint Chambers

    The Union attaches importance to the development of trade and economic relations between friendly Arab and foreign countries as well as with African countries. It therefore sought to establish common chambers to promote trade, economic and cultural relations between the Arab countries and the foreign countries hosting these chambers. The Union played an important role in the establishment of these chambers as one of the Arab parties responsible for them along with the League of Arab States and the Arab Ambassadors.

    Currently, there are joint Arab-Foreign Chambers in different parts of the world: Europe, the United States, Brazil, Argentina and Kenya. The Union has also established joint chambers on the basis of two counterparties to the Union and the other entity to which the Association is bound by a cooperation agreement such as the Arab-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Arab-Indian Chamber of Commerce, the Arab-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and the Arab-Russian Business Council.

    The Union is keen to strengthen and develop its relations with regional and international organizations. A memorandum of understanding was signed with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) and with UNIDO. The Union is an observer member of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the International Labor Organization (ILO) and has a cooperation agreement with the International Chamber of Commerce. It also has links with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, the European Commission and the World Trade Organization.

  • Cooperation with the League of Arab States

    The continuous cooperation with the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and its specialized agencies, particularly the Economic and Social Council, constitutes an important and effective framework in highlighting the role of the Union and in transmitting its views to support joint Arab economic action and the aspirations of the private sector for development and progress. The Union participates in the Arab Summit and the Economic, Development and Social Summit and submits a memorandum containing the private sector's views on the issues of growth, development and economic integration. The Union also prepares the annual report on the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, and submit it to the Implementation and Follow-up Committee and the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States.

    The Union is keen to strengthen and develop its relations with Arab, regional and international organizations and unions. Acting the role of the observer in the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States. The Union signed a cooperation agreement with the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining, the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development and the Arab Labor Organization.

  • The Union’s Aspirations for the Next Stage

    The strategy of the Union’s work plan for the next stage, as it develops its activities and works to serve the Arab Chambers, Unions and the private sector, in addition to its current activities, will lead to the introduction of new activities for the Arab chambers and federations and the Joint Arab-Foreign chambers. In addition to increasing its network of relations and presence on the Arab and International levels and the implementation of strategic projects supportive of cooperation among the Arab business communities.

    This work will be backed up by a media look that highlights the work of the Union to show its importance and role as representative of the Arab Chambers and federations and the Arab private sector. In addition to updating its website in line with technological progress and the needs of the Arab business community.

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