Sudanese Businessmen & Employers Federation discusses cooperation with the "Regional Network for Social Responsibility"

  • Khartoum, Republic of the Sudan
  • 24 January 2023

The Vice-President of the Sudanese Businessmen & Employers Federation, Malik Sheikh Haj Mahmoud, indicated that the federation is ready to support all programs and plans for the regional network for social responsibility and the “International Ambassadors for Social Responsibility” program, based on its pioneering role in the field and the pioneering role of entrepreneurs and national capitalism throughout the previous periods in caring for the areas of social responsibility towards societies in various regions of Sudan.

During his meeting in his office with the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility Ali Abdullah Al Ibrahim, he affirmed "the federation's readiness with its various sectors to activate and revitalize joint cooperation relations with the network and create multiple partnerships that are in the interest of achieving its goals in implementing its programs in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development in Sudan."

Malik referred to "the pioneering experience of the federation and the owners and businessmen in implementing many programs and projects in the areas of social responsibility, whether at the official level with the competent and relevant agencies in the state or at the level of individual business owners within their local communities."

For his part, the head of the delegation and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility, Dr. Ali Abdullah Al Ibrahim, praised the pioneering experience of Sudan in the field of social responsibility at the regional and Arab levels. Pointing out that "Sudan is considered the first country to issue the first social responsibility law in the Arab world, which enhances the chances of success of the network's programs in Sudan."

Source (Sudan News Agency, Edited)