Honoring the Union of Arab Chambers with the “Trusted Professional Partner Award”

  • Virtual Forum
  • 23 January 2023

The Regional Network for Social Responsibility honored the Union of Arab Chambers with the "Trusted Professional Partner Award" along with other well-established Arab and international institutions that have qualitative contributions in the field of professional partnership.

This came within the framework of the activities of the Eleventh Forum of the Partners of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility for the year 2023 (Sharaka 11), which was held on January 19, 2023, through the Zoom application, under the slogan "We continue to excel and maximize our impact through effective partnerships."

The main topic of the forum was "Sustainable Innovation: The Concept and its Applications in the Business of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility", which focused on innovation in the idea of the initiative, reaching target groups, developing solutions to problems, improving initiative management, enhancing community participation, financing methods, investing available resources, employing innovation in network initiatives and many others.

The forum included the announcement of "Al Daayen, Qatar, a socially responsible Arab city for the year 2023". It also included a review of the upcoming achievements, directions, and initiatives of the regional network for social responsibility, which includes the launch of an electronic library, the program for empowering people with disabilities, building human capacities, an international council for humanitarian work, an academy for social responsibility, launching an initiative to care for orphans, an initiative for education, and others.

Work initiatives in 2023 will include seven initiatives in the areas of social responsibility, sustainable development, work ethics, community service, professional volunteering, and professional investment, as well as a specialized center for social innovation. As for the work priorities, they will be under the slogan "The Year of Formation of Investment Communities in Social Responsibility". It includes maximizing the work of representative offices, developing and investing in the technical infrastructure of network services, especially for training and follow-up services, achieving institutional financial sustainability, developing the efficiency of workers, and strengthening partnerships with government and private agencies, improving financial management, effectively bridging the partnership with United Nations institutions, accessing the best global knowledge and practices in social responsibility, transforming the network’s business, products and services into complete economic units, developing the business of the “Business Development” office, and others.

Source (Union of Arab Chambers)

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