United Arab Emirates

  • Key Indicators

    UAECapital: Abu Dhabi City.
    Official language: Arabic language.
    Geographical location: Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula.
    Area: about 82,880 km², Abu Dhabi occupies about 87%
    of the total area of the country.
    Geographic coordinates: The UAE is located on:
    Latitude: 22 - - 26.5 North
    Longitude: 51 - - 56.5 East
    Local Currency: UAE Dirham (AED).
    Exchange Rate: The US Dollar equivalent to about AED 3.6725.
    State emblem: The new official logo of the United Arab Emirates was adopted in March 2008, a falcon with the flag of the state, surrounded by seven stars adorned, representing the seven emirates. The falcon color in the golden logo. The falcon claws are attached to a base bearing the name of the United Arab Emirates in Arabic. At the bottom of the logo is the name of the country in English.


    Description 2021 2022 2023
    National Accounts
    Real GDP Growth (annual percent change) 3.8 5.1 4.2
    GDP (current prices, billions of US$) 419.76 503.91 519.05
    GDP per capita (current prices, $US per capita) 41,205.21 47,792.94 48,262.97
    Inflation rate, average consumer prices (annual % change) 0.20 5.20 3.60
    Imports in Services (current prices, millions of $US) 76,106    
    Exports in Services (current prices, millions of $US) 101,838    
    Merchandise Imports (current prices, millions of $US) 347,529    
    Merchandise Exports (current prices, millions of $US) 425,160    
    Gas + Petrol Imports (in thousands of $US) 23,390,316    
    Gas + Petrol Exports (in thousands of $US) 149,239,327    
    Current account, balance (billions of $US) 47.951 74.18 64.793
    Current account, balance (% of GDP) 11.4 14.7 12.5
    General government net lending/borrowing (% of GDP) 2.1 7.7 4.9
    General government gross debt (% of GDP) 34.7 30.7 29.5
    Population 9,365,145 9,441,129 9,516,871
    Unemployment, total (% of total labor force) 3.11    


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