The Federation of Gulf Chambers discusses ways to Accelerate "Economic Unity"

  • GCC Countries
  • 24 December 2020

Chairman of the Federation of GCC Chambers and Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry Samir Abdullah Nass chaired the 54th meeting of the Federation Council, which was held through the electronic visual transmission technology with the participation of the heads of federations and member chambers of the Federation, and the Secretary-General of the Federation, Dr. Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Mishari. During the meeting, the topics on the agenda were discussed, where the draft of the new strategy of the federation that includes the vision, mission, values and new strategic goals of the union was approved, the approval of the amendment of the structure of the General Secretariat of the Federation, the amendment of the Articles of Association and the Financial Regulations of the Federation, in addition to the approval of the financial final accounts of the General Secretariat of the Federation for the year 2019, and approval of the draft work program of the General Secretariat for the year 2021, and the draft estimated budget of the Union for 2021.

Emphasis was placed on the need to accelerate the pace of economic integration between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, to reach their economic unity by providing an appropriate environment for the development of the management of the Gulf private sector. The importance of taking into account the expected economic developments in light of the "Corona" pandemic was stressed. The attendees expressed their satisfaction with the results, stressing the need to move forward towards implementing the recommendations, with the aim of achieving support for the process of economic integration among the GCC states, especially in light of what the world is currently going through due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Source (Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Edited)

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