Total public Debt Service in Jordan Amounts to 1.21

  • Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • 26 November 2020

The Jordanian government debt balance reached 26.52 billion dinars at the end of last August, or 85 percent of GDP, after a statistically exclusion from the Social Security Investment Fund. While the balance of external debt (budgeted and guaranteed) reached 14.07 billion dinars, which accounted for 45.1 percent of the gross domestic product, while the size of the internal debt (budgeted and guaranteed) reached 12.45 billion dinars, which is approximately 38 percent of the gross domestic product.

According to the figures of the Ministry of Finance, the total public debt service (internal and external) in the budget during the first eight months of this year amounted to 1.21 billion dinars, and the interest of the debt fund investment guarantee funds amounted to 13.5 million dinars. As for the benefits of the internal debt - a balance sheet, it amounted to 572.9 million dinars, of which 222.8 million dinars are debt service for the investment fund investment guarantee. The external debt service (budgeted and guaranteed) on the cash basis amounted to approximately 660 million dinars during the first eight months of the year, 368.7 million dinars were paid in installments for the external debt, where the ratio of external debt service to the gross domestic product was 2.1 percent. Whereas, the balance of the guaranteed debt reached 3.02 billion dinars at the end of last August, of which 2.413 billion dinars were internal debt after excluding debt (investment of guarantee funds, and 603 million dinars were external debt.)

Source (Ad-Dustour Newspaper-Jordan, Edited)