The Qatari Public Sector Loans Rise & Deposits Drop

  • Doha, State of Qatar
  • 26 November 2020

The joint budget of Qatari banks for the month of October 2020, issued by the Qatar Central Bank, revealed that public sector loans rose to the level of 351.4 billion riyals, while its deposits decreased to the level of 256 billion riyals.

Public sector deposits decreased by 10.2 billion to 256 billion riyals, and these deposits were distributed between 82.6 billion for the government, 145 billion for government institutions, and 28.4 billion for semi-government institutions in which the government's share is equal to 50 percent or more, and less than 100 percent.

Total public sector loans from local banks increased by 18.9 billion riyals to 351.4 billion riyals, including 127.6 billion riyals for the government, an increase of 17.6 billion riyals compared to the month of September, and government institutions: 205.4 billion riyals, a decrease of 1.2 billion riyals, and semi-governmental institutions: 18.4 billion riyals, an increase of 2.6 billion riyals.

Total local private sector deposits with banks increased by the end of October by 2.8 billion riyals from the end of September to the level of 378.1 billion riyals. Meanwhile, the total number of loans and credit facilities provided by banks to the local private sector decreased by 0.5 billion to reach the level of 696.9 billion riyals.

Source (Al-Raya Newspaper-Qatar, Edited)

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