Union of Arab Chambers Issues 6 Studies

  • Arab World
  • 14 January 2020

The Union of Arab Chambers recently issued 6 studies bearing the following titles:


- “Arab economies, a decade after the major global crisis - priorities for action in light of the narrow margin of capacity to contain.” The study aims to track the trends and expectations of the global and Arab economy after a decade on the major global economic and financial crisis in light of the narrow margin of movement compared to the past decade. It analyzes in detail the different Arab economic indicators among them and identifies the structural challenges and obstacles that exist, which would deepen the impact of exposure to external and regional shocks in order to conclude the required policies and reform agendas necessary to restore the momentum of sustainable growth that reaps the fruits of Arab societies in all its sectors.


- "The economic implications of the geopolitical developments in the Arab region and the requirements for containment and confrontation." The topic deals with examining the strategic and economic importance of the Arab world, the impact of regional and international developments in the twenty-first century, its emerging economic risks, means of confrontation, advancement, and progress in the ladder of Arab economic integration.


- "Investing in the services sectors and in liberalizing the services trade between Arab countries." It reviews the development of this sector in light of the developments of the digital economy, the importance of investment in services sectors within the framework of the Arab Agreement for the Liberalization of Trade in Services and the pivotal role of the private sector.


- “Artificial Intelligence in the Arab World - Potential and Challenges.” The study deals with the subject of artificial intelligence within the framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has become an economic weapon for the present and future. It reviews the nature of artificial intelligence, its importance, and extent of its impact, the importance of Arab countries ’investment in it and the adoption of modern technology to keep pace with what is happening in the world and benefit from the valuable opportunities that it contains.


- "Enhancing the role of women in Arab economic life." The study highlights the challenges and opportunities available for women and for Arab women leadership, and the importance of gender diversity in the boards of directors of family companies and companies, and to enhance the participation and participation of women in the region's economy, with a focus on women's leadership and small and medium-sized enterprise development, as well as women in rural or agricultural sectors and in Informal economy.


- “Arab Digital Trade Landscape: Drivers, Perspectives and Potentials.” The study draws to the rapid development of electronic commerce in the Arab world, especially in the field of platforms between the business sector and consumers, which has reached about $ 22 billion currently. It reviews the traded goods, the development of the Internet and social media as basic engines, and addresses the most prominent challenges, obstacles, policies and procedures required for progress.


If you would like to acquire a study, you can obtain electronic or hard copies, knowing that the cost of one copy is 35 USD, while the cost of the whole package is 100 USD.

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