Al-Kabariti: Jordan is a Safe Refuge for Investment & Business

  • Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • 10 June 2019

The head of Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Senator Nael Al-Kabariti, stressed that "King Abdullah II, since the receipt of his constitutional powers, put the economic situation and the improvement of the citizens’ lives at the top of priorities, as well as continuing the process of work, development, modernization and reform."

Mr. Kabariti stressed that "despite the political circumstances and regional developments and the associated security and political instability and economic difficulties, Jordan and thanks to the wise leadership, continued the process of growth and progress."

On the occasion of the celebration of the Royal Seating on the throne, Mr. Kabariti said that "Jordan stands today on a solid ground and has become a prominent place among the countries of the world and turned into an open modern state thanks to the economic policies that characterized the Kingdom as a safe shelter for investment and business."

He also pointed out that "His Majesty has worked to integrate Jordan into the global economy, and in all his directives he has endeavored to build a true partnership between the public and private sectors as a principle followed by King Abdullah II with all the high commissioning letters of the successive governments."

Senator Al-Kabariti affirmed that "the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, which is considered the umbrella of the commercial sector, will continue its efforts to support the national economy to overcome the difficulties and turn them into real opportunities for achievement derived from the King's continuous guidance that we all have to work in the spirit of one team and put the highest interests of the country at the top of our priorities."

Source (Al-Dostour newspaper – Jordan, Edited)